Building the future of computing, with your help

Hi everyone! First of all, if you have been subscribed to my blog posts for a while, you will notice that this email looks different from usual. That’s because I have moved the email setup over to Substack. I have experimented with several email services, and found them either rather expensive or bad in terms of getting emails marked as spam. Let’s hope this one is better!

Substack is actually a service for sending email newsletters. However, I am not planning to change my blog into a newsletter, since I like my self-hosted setup. I am simply using it as a way of sending email notifications about new blog posts to anyone who wants to receive them.

If you no longer want to receive these messages, apologies for the intrusion, and there should be a link at the bottom to unsubscribe.

New blog post: Building the future of computing, with your help

Moving on to today’s actual news. I have launched a Patreon account! Since most of my work is given away for free (conference talks, educational videos, research papers, open source code, blog posts), I rely on other sources of funding. At the moment I am funded by a charitable research grant, but this is a non-renewable fixed-term contract, and so I am looking to Patreon as a way of hopefully building up a sustainable income that will allow me to continue doing my work when this contract ends.

My blog post goes into more details on what I am planning to do over the next few years, and the Patreon profile details what you get in return for supporting me. Think of it not as a donation, but as an investment in my future work. I aim to give you a good return on your investment through producing teaching materials and research that you will hopefully find useful. I will continue giving away most of my work for free, but as a supporter on Patreon you will be the first to see any new work as it is created.

If you have found my work useful – for example, if you have applied ideas from my talks in your work, or if my book helped you get a job – then I would be especially delighted to welcome you as a supporter on Patreon!

Thanks for your support and best wishes,